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What is a Dash Camera?

Dashboard cameras (dash cams) are the next step in on-the-road security. Also known as a Dash Cam, Black Box, or Car Camera, a dashboard camera is a surveillance-oriented HD video recorder that is mounted behind your rear view mirror, facing outwards. It records the events going on around your car onto an SD card and stores the video evidence for when incidents occur. Premium dashcams can even continue surveillance while you are parked and away from your vehicle to catch vandals, hit-and-runs, and potential misuse or abuse of your property, this is done via hardwiring your Dash Cam into your cars accessories.

A dash cam provides irrefutable video evidence that can protect you against road rage, drunk drivers and insurance fraud to mention a few. Today, dashcams are used by a vast majority of drivers in America, South Korea, Russia, Southeast Asia, and is rapidly growing in popularity in Britain . Dash Cams are being used more and more by British drivers and for good reasons.

Benefit of Installing a Dashcam:

  1. Provides irrefutable video evidence in the event of a road accident
  2. Provides protection from hit and run and theft
  3. Provides GPS tracking with vehicle speed
  4. Reduce the time to settle a claim by the court or by the insurance company
  5. Has been proven to change driver's driving behaviour
  6. Employers can ensure employees are following company rules when driving fleet vehicles
  7. Easy to install and easy to use
  8. Captures memories
  9. keeps your vehicle protected whilst parked (model dependant)