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Why Install a Dashcam in Your Vehicle?

The most compelling reason to install a dashcam is to protect you in the case of an accident—a dashcam provides strong evidence in the case of insurance disputes and insurance fraud. A dashcam with parking mode can also protect your parked vehicle from careless drivers who may cause mild to severe damage and then simply leave the scene. The dashcam will automatically turn on and start recording if your car is impacted while parked.   Another advantage of a dashcam is the ability to report drunken or dangerous drivers.

As dashcam usage becomes more widespread, rule-breaking drivers will have a strong incentive to restrain their dangerous driving habits. If bad drivers know they are being watched by many dashcam-wielding drivers, they will certainly reign in their reckless road behavior—in the same way that traffic-light cameras have significantly decreased red-light runners. Road rage is another problem that hell-raisers will certainly take into account if they know they are being video-recorded.  

Parents with teenage drivers also like the idea of using dashcams to teach their children how to drive. In more difficult situations, such as when a parent forbids a child to drive the car, the dashcam will provide for positive discipline. Some parents that do allow their teenagers to drive like the idea of having a dashcam that can record their children’s driving behavior on the road—as well as record sight and sounds both inside and outside the vehicle, and enable first-hand evidence of dangerous habits like texting while driving.  

If you lend your car to friends or relatives, or you want to see what happens to your car after you drop it off at the mechanic’s shop, or valet parking, the dashcam will give you peace of mind that your vehicle will be treated with the care it deserves.

For commercial vehicles like taxis, vans and trucks, dashcams enable the employer to monitor the driver’s habits, and ensure they are not using company vehicles for personal interest, taking longer routes than necessary, making deviations from planned schedules, making unwarranted stops, etc.

Another great reason to have a dashacam is simply for fun and recreation. A drive along a scenic route, the possibility of encountering rare wildlife and the ability to capture a fun-filled journey on video is a great way to enhance a pleasure drive.